Feb 24, 2008


So now it's official, Blu-Ray is the only High Definition format on the market. Both Universal and Paramount have announced that they are abandoning the HD-DVD ship and joining the Blu revolution. It's been quite the shift in the tidal wave once Warner announced they were going with Blu-Ray, followed by Netflix, Best Buy and then the final nail in the coffin, Toshiba deciding to cease production on HD-DVD players.

On another note entirely -- back in the world of standard definition DVD, The Weinstein Company (through their DVD distributor Genius products) has started a line of DVDs known as "The Miriam Collection". The first title in the series was the recently restored EL CID available in a 2 disc special edition and limited collector's box set. Watch for THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE to be released on April 29. The print on EL CID is gorgeous, and the extras do not disappoint. Here's hoping that FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE is equally as good. Collector's everywhere should rejoice at the handling of these classic films, and hopefully this starts a new wave of restored releases that hopefully will make their way onto Blu-Ray as well.