May 11, 2008


If there ever was a good reason to buy a Blu-Ray player, than this is it. This past week, The Criterion Collection announced their first wave of Blu-Ray titles, and as always, Image Entertainment, the company that produces the Criterion discs, has not disappointed. The Criterion known for pristine prints of a wide range of films, mostly hard-to-find foreign titles (but also have released big Hollywood hits such as ARMAGEDDON and THE ROCK) always have the most intelligent and scholarly commentaries and extras which make every serious cinemaphile drool at the mere mention of a Criterion release.

The first wave of titles are as follows…

The Third ManBottle RocketChungking ExpressThe Man Who Fell to EarthThe Last EmperorEl NorteThe 400 BlowsGimme ShelterThe Complete Monterey PopContemptWalkaboutFor All MankindThe Wages of Fear

…and will be on shelves in October.

More details can be found on their website at Also, be sure to check out their new line of ECLIPSE box sets.