Aug 8, 2008

Say isn't there a STAR WARS movie out next week?

In past years, the release of a new STAR WARS movie would be hyped so much, you would think it's the only movie to see on earth, period. Yet next week a new animated feature length STAR WARS movie is about to be unleashed, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, and it seems like nobody cares. Has the STAR WARS bubble finally burst? Did the Jar Jar effect finally scare every fan or supporter George Lucas ever had, and did the disappointing INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL further alienate the devoted fanatics that in the past spent days, weeks and even a month in line just to be the first to hear that opening explosion of music? Yeah, I would say that is exactly what has happened. First off it's weird to see the Warner Bros. shield in front of a STAR WARS movie, and then there is the animation factor even with the music playing, it just doesn't feel the same. Secondly, this originally was intended to be (not sure if it still is) a weekly cartoon series and this movie is in fact 3 episodes of that show edited together to make a feature film. Not exactly the most awe-inspiring prospect for greatness.

The trailer tries to present this as a hardcore STAR WARS tale, but I've noticed in recent days that the TV ads are playing it up as a kids only affair. No matter what the case, the marketing campaign is not really selling the movie as well as it should. I see the shelves of toys in all the stores, but none of them have the cool factor that the original, or even prequel oriented toys had.

So given the fact that STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS opens on the same weekend as the R-Rated comedy TROPIC THUNDER, could it be possible that a STAR WARS movie will be #2 at the box office its opening weekend, or will the families come out in droves and drive it to #1? Judging by the numbers of people hitting THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and the early numbers indicating it to be a sleeper hit, R-Rated comedies are in right now, perhaps. But will THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS eat into TROPIC THUNDER's numbers and (get ready for it) steal TROPIC's Thunder? Only time will tell...but I can tell you one thing personally, this will be the first STAR WARS opening that is my second choice for movies to see.