Sep 3, 2008

The Extended Cut We've all been waiting for....WATERWORLD

On November 4, an extended edition of WATERWORLD is to be released on DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Now if anyone remembers, about 13 years ago WATERWORLD was sunk well before it even hit movie screens. There was a great deal production trouble and some personality clashes between former friends Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Costner (not to mention it killed Costner's marriage at the time) drove the budget of this thing into the stratosphere, and flushed a lot of Universal's money right down the toilet. The debacle that was WATERWORLD was essentially the 1990's ISHTAR (with 2003's GIGLI taking that moniker for this decade), and it shocks me that Universal would think that we're clamoring for a longer cut! Do they think we've forgotten? That maybe time has made us want to see a longer WATERWORLD? Maybe there are more shots of Kevin Costner drinking his own urine (luckily he filters it first, and this is the opening scene of the movie!) The movie was already long at 136 (painful) minutes, but this extended cut is a whopping 40 minutes longer clocking in at an astoundingly unfathomable 176 minutes!

Let's see if Warner Bros. follows suit and comes out with an extended cut of THE POSTMAN sometime soon.