Sep 29, 2008

Paul Newman RIP

Ok so everybody has pretty much commented on the passing of screen legend Paul Newman this weekend. But looking at Mr. Newman's body of work, it is hard to fathom just how many good movies that man was in. Can many actors in Hollywood boast such a wide variety of projects, many of which are considered cinematic classics?

Usually when a Hollywood figure dies, I spend a day soon afterwards holding my own retrospective screening of the person's work. I say usually because in this case I am in the midst of a relocation, and my entertainment equipment and DVD/Laserdisc/VHS collection is in storage and I am going to have to do it much later this time round.

My screenings usually include 3-5 pertinent works, but with Newman, I found myself looking at the list and thinking that a proper retrospective would have to run for a few days. Can you argue with a body of work that includes: THE HUSTLER, HUD, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, THE VERDICT, SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME, THE STING, HOMBRE, EXODUS, THE ROAD TO PERDITION, SLAP SHOT, THE TOWERING INFERNO, NOBODY'S FOOL, ABSENCE OF MALICE, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, THE LEFT HANDED GUN and I could keep going.

I doubt anyone could or will ever again match such a solid list of credits.