Oct 13, 2008


If it wasn't evident that people are looking for light entertainment during this interesting time, look no further than this weekend's box office results which saw BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA, a movie with quite possibly the most annoying trailer....ever...coming in a solid #1 beating out the Ridley Scott directed and star-studded DiCaprio/Crowe BODY OF LIES middle east/CIA/terrorism thriller which came in #3.

I saw BODY OF LIES (review coming soon to WIXPIX II -- I'm a little behind again, but CHOKE, APPALOOSA, EAGLE EYE and BODY OF LIES coming soon) and liked it much more than most of the critics did, but it is indeed a complex and heavy movie. While standing in line for my ticket, I was surprised to see BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA was sold out for the first 3 showings! Ahh the power of the family movie.

One father had actually brought his family to see BODY OF LIES sitting quite close to me (this was at the Century City AMC) and left during a particularly nasty scene which was bothering his children quite a bit. I just wish they didn't have to talk so loud when deciding to leave, almost making a show of it (and with only 10-15 minutes left in the movie, why bother?)