Oct 11, 2008


If you happened to miss last week's #1 movie, BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA, I know you'll be running out to see it ASAP!

Big week this week with BODY OF LIES, CITY OF EMBER and ROCKNROLLA. Looking forward to Oliver Stone's W next week and Clint Eastwood's THE CHANGELING the week after.

Out in theaters this week.

As always, titles and dates are subject to change.

October 10

Body of Lies (Dir: Ridley Scott; Warner Bros.)
City of Ember (Dir: Gil Kenan; 20th Century Fox)
The Express (Dir: Gary Fleder; Universal)
Happy-Go-Lucky [Limited] (Dir: Mike Leigh; Miramax)
Nights and Weekends [NYC] (Dir: Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg; IFC Films)
Quarantine (Dir: John Erick Dowdle; Screen Gems)
Rocknrolla [Limited] (Dir: Guy Ritchie; Warner Bros.)