Nov 23, 2008


I've decided that I'm going to switch the focus of these posts from standard DVD to Blu-Ray. If you have a HD TV (and at some point in the near future, I'm sure a majority of people will -- and if you haven't thought about it, I recommend you start) then you're going to want a Blu-Ray player if you want to see films in the highest quality.

I've missed a couple of release posts both for Home Entertainment and for Theatrical releases thanks to a few personal issues (not to mention my reviews backlog on Wix Pix II -- that's just embarrassing) but I should be back to normal as of this week and Wix Pix II will be updated as well with a lot of reviews.

Since I missed last week, I just want to point out that JFK was released by Warner Home Video on Blu-Ray. JFK is (in my humble opinion) the best movie made in the 1990s, and how fitting with yesterday being the 45th anniversary of the Assassination of President Kennedy, that you should now be able to view Oliver Stone's masterpiece in the highest quality possible. As a friend of mine will probably say after she reads this...back and to the right.

Onto this past week -- and yes, I know I'm a few days late but hey, better late than never!

So with this week coming up officially kicking off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, let's get that shopping going and help this troubled economy...because nothing will cheer you or your loved ones up during troubling times more than a movie!

This past week saw the release of a few big theatrical releases, the biggest of course being Walt Disney/Pixar's WALL-E (Blu-Ray 2 Disc and 3 Disc editions, and on Standard DVD 1 Disc and 3 Disc editions). WALL-E is another great film in a stellar list of quality work from the people over at Pixar -- and is probably my personal favorite of the bunch. As customary with Pixar releases, there is a new animated short featuring characters from the film, and a plethora of extras to keep you busy for days -- not to mention a digital copy is available so you can watch the movie on a portable device if you so desire. Needless to say, WALL-E is a must own, and the perfect title for jumping into Blu-Ray.

This week's other big theatrical release was TROPIC THUNDER (Blu-Ray and single/double disc editions on Standard DVD). This is pretty quick turnaround for this title which was only in movie theaters this past August!

Warner Bros. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2 also hit both Blu-Ray and Standard Disc, as did Werner Herzog's documentary, ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

On the catalog side, out on Blu-Ray this week is a HEATHERS: HIGH SCHOOL REUNION 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION. This movie was quite big when I was in high school, and I am looking forward to revisiting it now even if the title does remind me that I sadly has to admit that high school was 20 years ago. HEATHERS is also available on standard DVD.

Also on Blu-Ray, a MONTY PYTHON feature films collection, SOUTHLAND TALES, 8 MILE, LUCKY # SLEVIN, MAD MONEY among others.

Note that the first wave of Criterion Blu-Ray releases were supposed to be on shelves this week and those have been shifted to come out on December 16.

Outside of the aforementioned titles that are also debuting on Standard DVD, there are a couple of other notable titles -- those being GONZO: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HUNTER S. THOMPSON (which had a very limited theatrical run) and a 300 Limited Collector's Edition box set. I'm not big on 300, but if you're going to watch it at all, it's a title that screams Blu-Ray!

TV on DVD saw some more great entries, the biggest one in terms of interest is probably The Disney Channel's immensely popular HANNAH MONTANA - Season 1. I imagine all the tweens will be pestering their parents for this one, that is when they're not standing in line or seeing TWILIGHT this weekend.

STAR TREK - THE ORIGINAL SERIES, the remastered Season 3 finally makes it onto DVD. These are of course the ones that were just re-done with new effects, and the initial releases were targeted for a special HD DVD release -- and we all know what happened to that format. Since the masters have not been readied for Blu-Ray yet, Season 3 is on Standard DVD only -- a pity. Hopefully, a Blu-Ray will beam down at some point.

Time-Life re;eased a special mail order set of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS - The Complete Animated Series. Packaged in a killer collectible tin, this looks like a fantastic set to own. I believe the numbers are limited, so you may want to act fast on this one.

Also of note is Season 4 of the new DOCTOR WHO, and DOCTOR WHO: INFINITE QUEST, an animated adventure.

And if British Sci-Fi isn't your thing, how about some British Comedy with a complete box set collection of MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS.

Other shows this week include: Rod Serling's NIGHT GALLERY - Season 2, MCHALE'S NAVY - Season 4, HAWAII 5-0 - Season 5, THE ODD COUPLE - Season 5 and a Complete Series box set (also available in limited edition packaging) of the WB's CHARMED.

As always, titles and dates are subject to change. And for all the first hand Blu-Ray and DVD news, be sure to check out
THE DIGITAL BITS, the best source for home entertainment news anywhere. Also, be sure to browse their cover art pages which link the titles to for easy ordering (and helps keep great resources like THE BITS alive).

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· Awake
· Blue Streak
· The Clique
· 8 Mile
· Encounters at the End of the World

· The F Word
· Gunnin’ For that #1 Spot
· Heathers: 20th High School Reunion 2-Disc Special Edition
· Holiday Favorites With the Wonderland Carolers
· Jeff Dunham: Very Special Christmas Special
· Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
· Kitaro (Anime)
· Lucky # Slevin
· Mad Money

· Mirrormask
· Monty Python (The Meaning Of Life; The Life of Brian; Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
· National Security
· Paris je t’aime
· Priceless
· Revolver
· The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
· Southland Tales

· The Stendhal Syndrome
· Tropic Thunder
· UFC: Ultimate Comebacks
· The Universe – Season 1
· Wall-E (2 Disc and 3 Disc editions)
· The Who: Kilburn 1977


· American Shopper
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· Butch Jamie
· The Clique
· The Devil’s Curse
· Dog Tags
· Doughboys
· Encounters at the End of the World
· The F Word
· Fanfan La Tulipe (Criterion #451)
· The Films of Michael Sporn (The Marizan Pig; The Dancing Frog)
· Garden Party
· The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror
· Gonzo: The Life and Times of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
· Goya
· Heathers: 20th High School Reunion 2-Disc Special Edition
· Jason Stuart: Making it to the Middle
· Kiss Me Deadly
· Kiss The Bride
· The Last Emperor (Criterion Reissue)
· The Last Klezmer
· Madame Bovary
· Milarepa
· Mitzi Gaynor: Razzle Dazzle – The Special Years
· Monte Grande: Francisco Varela
· Of Love and Eggs
· Perfect Hideout
· Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
· Street Revenge
· 3-Day Weekend
· 300: Limited Collector’s Edition
· Toots
· Tropic Thunder (1 Disc and 2 Disc editions)
· Up The Yangtze
· Wall-E (1 Disc and 3 Disc editions)
· We Loved Each Other So Much
· A Wonderful Night in Split
· Zombie Diaries


· The Adventure Collection (Horatio Hornblower; Longitude: The Lost Battalion; Napoleon; Shakleton; Benedict Arnold)
· Bones – Season 3: Totally Decomposed Edition
· The Border – Season 1
· Burke’s Law – Season 1, Volume 2
· Charmed – Complete Series
· Charmed – Complete Series Limited Edition
· Class of the Titans – Season 1, Volume 1
· Classic British Christmas Comedies
· The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Collector’s Edition
· Criss Angel: Mindfreak – Collector’s Edition

· Daniel Boone – Season 6 (The Final Season)
· Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
· Doctor Who – Season 4

· The Dog Whisperer – Celebrity Edition
· The Fairy Oddparents – Season 6, Volume 1
· Gene Simmon’s The Family Jewels – Season 3
· Hannah Montana – Season 1

· Hawaii Five-O – Season 5
· Holiday Favorites With the Wonderland Carolers
· McHale’s Navy – Season 4
· Night Gallery – Season 2

· Not On Your Nellie – Season 1
· The Odd Couple – Season 5

· The Real Ghostbusters - Complete Series (Time Life Mail Order Special)
· Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – Volume 1
· Secrets of the Civil War
· Spongebob Squarepants – Season 5, Volume 2
· Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 3 Remastered

· Star Trek: The Original Series – Seasons 1-3 Remastered
· Steve Canyon – Complete Series, Volume 1
· Surviving History
· The Texan – The Best of
· Tougher in Alaska – Season 1
· The Universe – Season 1
· The Victor Borge Classic Collection
· Winky’s Horse
· Wu: The Story of Wu-Tang Clan