Dec 24, 2008


Everyone has a holiday tradition -- whether it is eating a type of food, visiting certain people, or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Being the film buff that I am, my holiday traditions center around a lot of film watching (which of course is not that much different from the rest of the year). This of course is the best film season as the studios unleash their awards bait movies, so many that every year I almost get overwhelmed trying to keep up with them all -- and this year is no exception. In the next few days I plan to watch Mickey Rourke stage an amazing comeback in THE WRESTLER (Fox Searchlight), Brad Pitt age backwards in David Fincher's THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (Paramount) and Tom Cruise attempt to kill Hitler in Bryan Singer's VALKYRIE (United Artists).

Every year, my family spends Christmas Eve eating lots of snacks, and watching a film. But once the rest of the family heads to bed, that is when I usually indulge in my own personal Holiday film tradition, and that is my yearly Christmas Eve viewing of the ultimate Holiday movie....DIE HARD (1988, 20th Century Fox).

It's Christmas Eve, and terrorists invade Nakatomi plaza, holding party revelers hostage. But what they did not expect to find was New York cop Jon McClane (Bruce Willis), there to visit his estranged wife who spends the next 2 hours or so crawling through ventilator shafts -- dirty, beaten, bare feet and in a wife-beater (a.k.a. undershirt) -- battling the nasty terrorists and keeping the incompetent cops at bay.

With memorable moments like a dead terrorist appearing in an elevator with the line "Ho, ho, I have a Machine gun" written on his chest and immortal cinematic lines like "Yippee Ki-ay Mother-F@#$er", this is an absolute holiday classic.

And of course, if I'm not too tired, I follow it up with 1990's DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER, which has Willis not only battling terrorists who are threatening Washington DC's Dulles airport during the Christmas rush, but annoying holiday travel as well.

Whatever your traditions may be, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!