Jan 9, 2009


Disney time and time again proves that they have a firm grasp on what their customer base likes. They know how to keep their brand new and exciting (look at how hot HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and HANNAH MONTANA are for proof) as well as making sure their classics remain timeless classics and in demand. Now they are going out of their way to help people in their Blu-Ray adoption decisions.

Disney announced at CES this week that they will be including a Standard DVD copy of many of their more popular titles with the Blu-Ray releases. They tested this out with SLEEPING BEAUTY this past October, and had announced that PINOCCHIO (due March 10) will have it as well. But this announcement means you can expect it on HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3, MONSTERS, INC., A BUG'S LIFE, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (due in October) and others as well. This is ON TOP OF the digital copy that will be available to download to another device such as a laptop or iPod.

Disney knows that, especially with family films, movies get viewed in a variety of places now -- in the car, on a plane or train, in a hotel room -- and by adding a standard DVD with their Blu-Ray, it means the consumer can not only enjoy the high def movie on their state of the art HD system at home, but also have a copy they can take on the road with them. It may cost a little more for them in the short run, but definitely makes buying Blu-Ray editions of their titles very appealing.

I'm just glad to see that Disney is really going all out to help Blu-Ray really take a hold on the marketplace.

Another great commentary on this decision can be read on Marcy Magiera's blog at VIDEO BUSINESS. Marcy is one of my favorite industry bloggers, and Video Business is a great source for all the latest home entertainment news. It can be accessed through this link: DISNEY'S BD COMBO PACK RIGHT ON THE MONEY.