Jan 30, 2009

THIS WEEK IN THEATERS...Liam Neeson Vs. The Big Game

This is one of those rough weekends for movie distributors because of Super Bowl Sunday which tends to keep most people at home and out of movie theaters.

TAKEN has Liam Neeson as a spy racing against the clock to save his daughter from some nasty kidnappers. The film directed by Pierre Morel (DISTRICT 13) is distributed by 20th Century Fox and rated PG-13.

From action to horror/thriller as the Dreamworks film THE UNINVITED directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard is released. It features Emily Browning as a woman who after returning home from the hospital is visited by the ghost of her mother who tells her the woman her father is now engaged to (Elizabeth Banks) is not who she pretends to be. The film is rated PG-13.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the romantic comedy NEW IN TOWN which has Renee Zellweger who much to her dismay is relocated from Miami to a cold Minnesota town where she must adjust to small town living. Harry Connick, Jr. and Nathan Fillion co-star in the Gold Circle Film (distributed by Lionsgate) and it's rated PG.

THE CLASS is a French film in limited release directed by Laurent Cantet about a teacher dealing with a tough class of high school students (think TO SIR WITH LOVE). Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, the film is rated PG-13.

Also in limited release are LUCK BY CHANCE (Ad Labs) a comedy about a struggling actor who gets involved in the Hindi film industry, MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY (IFC Films) about the romantic complications of 2 African American 20-somethings in San Francisco and SAM'S LAKE (Cinema Epoch; R) a low budget horror film.

Spreading out from limited to wide release -- mainly thanks to Oscar nominations -- are Gus Van Sant's MILK (Focus Features; R) and THE WRESTLER (Fox Searchlight; R). I also believe THE READER also opens up in even more markets.