Feb 20, 2009


It seems the studios are making more and more deals with the big box stores to release certain discs either exclusively, with exclusive incentive packaging or with bonus discs available only through certain retailers.

For example, the upcoming PINOCCHIO Platinum edition from Disney has a plush toy that is only available if you buy the title from Wal-Mart. IRON MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT and THE INCREDIBLE HULK all had special packaging at Target, and the first 2 seasons of Showtime's THIS AMERICAN LIFE were available only at Borders before a later wider release.

Some people tend to frown upon this with the feeling that it gives the bigger stores the edge when it comes to sales. Let's face it though, those places generally already have the edge given that they are able to discount the price much more than thanks to their high volume of buying.

I tend to like this practice as it helps me plan out exactly where I need to go on new release Tuesday or whatever day as now some studios -- like Dreamworks with MADAGASCAR 2 - are now scheduling their releases on days other than the usual Tuesday to stand out from the crowd. Retailer incentives are an added bonus. Most of them are only available for a short time, and for me they are a thank you to all those dedicated Tuesday buyers who need to get their titles the minute they hit the shelves (and I am one of those).

The makers of TWILIGHT (Summit Entertainment) are taking it one step further. The main disc that will be available (on March 21st which is a Saturday) through most retailers is a 2 Disc edition. Wal-Mart and Target will be the exclusive sellers of a 1 Disc bare bones edition. Borders will have their own special 2 Disc edition -- makes sense given the book tie in.

The Blu-Ray is something else entirely. First off, the Blu-Ray itself will only be available through Target and Best Buy (probably only for a limited time) and then on May 5, Amazon will have an exclusive Blu-Ray Collector's Box set which will include an individually numbered jewelry box, an exclusive watch, a limited edition bracelet, photo cards and a book mark, as well as a certificate of authenticity. There will also be the opportunity to preview the upcoming sequel NEW MOON via the BD-Live function.

Looks like there will be plenty of options to choose from.

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