Apr 3, 2009

SNOW WHITE to be released on Blu-Ray before Standard DVD

Before I get back into my DISNEY VERSION posts (2 more coming), some big Blu-Ray news has come out of -- completely coincidentally -- the Disney Studios.

In a move to further bolster the Blu-Ray format, Disney will be releasing their Platinum Edition of their animated classic SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS on Blu-Ray seven weeks before the standard DVD is released. Yes, that's one week for each Dwarf.

The Blu-Ray streets October 6, and as with past releases like SLEEPING BEAUTY and PINOCCHIO, SNOW WHITE the Blu-Ray will also include a standard DVD of the film as well.

The straight standard DVD release will hit shelves on November 24, all this of course to capitalize on the Holiday season shopping -- and is a typical releasing pattern for Disney animated features (usually the big titles come one in October, and one in the Spring, usually March which this year was PINOCCHIO).

Glad to see that Disney is really going out of their way to make Blu-Ray a desired format choice.

You can read the VIDEO BUSINESS article here.