May 27, 2009


This week Sony and Disney announced big BD Live features and promotions on 2 of their biggest and most anticipated titles.

First off Sony with it's June 16 release of the original 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS has a promotion where fans can upload personalized videos of themselves at that will later be integrated on Sony's BD Live system. Further, to enhance sales, fans can upload a picture of themselves to the site and get $5 off the purches.

See the VIDEO BUSINESS article HERE.

Now onto Disney who has officially announced their SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS - DIAMOND EDITION which will bow on Blu-Ray October 6 (and in a further move, Disney is releasing it 6 full weeks before the November 24 release of the Standard DVD -- although the Blu-Ray will contain a copy of the Standard disc as well).

On SNOW WHITE, BD Live will hit a whole new level of interactivity allowing viewers to place themselves within the film as one of the Dwarfs, create a personal message that will later be transmitted via telephone by a Princess Character. There are also some great games, and a featurette about Walt Disney's original studio home on Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles.

Again, the VIDEO BUSINESS run down can be seen HERE.

While online streaming continues to grow, the studios know that consumers still like those interactive and cool enhanced features that aren't available (yet) with digital downloads. BD Live provides such interactivity, including communicating with other fans of the films you are watching. I have been playing around with the features on PINOCCHIO, SLEEPING BEAUTY, WALL-E and THE DARK KNIGHT and love the interactive capabilities.

Again another example of how packaged media wil co-exist for some time with Digital Downloads.