May 27, 2009


Netflix once again is proving why they are the leader in Blu-Ray/DVD rentals and online Digital streaming.

Now anyone using the Microsoft Vista Operating system can access their Netflix account and the Instant Streaming options via Windows Media Center.

There is now a tab on the Media Center options which will access your instant Queue very easily (and with a lot more functionality than the regular browsers have). I have been using it to watch a few titles, and while there were a couple of quality glitches at the beginning - both very minor - they cleared up fast and the resulting product was of near if not DVD quality.

I also found that the sound via this option was a lot clearer and easier to manage than it is through the browser - not to mention that you don't have to go through the pain of turning off your screen saver and altering your power down options as Windows Media Center will not be interrupted by those (which is one of the annoying things I find about Hulu in that I'll forget, get well into watching a show only to have the screen saver pop on or the monitor shut off).

Netflix once again trailblazing the way in the Digital downloading realm.