May 11, 2009


I am a little behind in posting about this since it was launched this past March, by Warner Bros. has opened up shop online with a new DVD and Digital Download service called THE WARNER ARCHIVES COLLECTION.

With their vast catalog of classic Warner Bros. and Turner titles, they don't have the resources to get all of them onto disc and not to mention that some of them probably do not warrant wide release thanks to their limited appeal. Warner Home Video has come up with the best solution to this and that is by releasing titles in monthly increments available to buy on demand on a no frills DVD for $19.95 (+shipping) or as a Digital Download for $14.95.

All DVDs come with a printed sheet, and some do have slight extras like trailers, and are all available in their proper screen formats. Most of the prints have not gone through the (expensive) restoration process by my thought at this point is, who cares? I am just happy to be able to get these titles any way I can that probably would not be released otherwise, and I am sure that other fans would be quick to agree.

The first wave in March consisted of 150 titles, with the second wave in April adding another 22. There are plenty more to come with plans for 20 titles to be added every month. Looking through the list, I plan to add a great number of these to my personal collection.

The list of titles and ordering details can be found at