Jul 28, 2009


Ok...blame it on exhaustion, excitement, whatever but in my post about James Cameron's AVATAR panel, I forgot to mention that 20th Century Fox will be presenting a screening of 15 minutes of AVATAR footage at theaters and IMAX worldwide on August 21 which they are dubbing AVATAR DAY.

Smart move on their part as although fanboys everywhere will line up in droves, this ultra-ambitious, very original movie lacking major star power (Sigourney Weaver isn't as big a name as she once was, and Sam Worthington, even though he stole TERMINATOR SALVATION from Christian Bale is still considered an up-and-comer) will need a push to draw in regular movie-goers.

I was astounded and awed by the footage, and it was definitely THE highlight of Thursday if not the entire Comic-con. I suggest you all take advantage of the this great can you lose? The price is sure right.