Apr 8, 2010

THE BUSINESS - KCRW - The Present and Future of Home Entertainment

I'm a little behind this week thanks to travel and other issues so this episode of THE BUSINESS is from last week, but it pretty much ties into everything I have been blogging about recently concerning the vast changes in the Home Entertainment business.

Great to hear VIDIOTS, a specialty video store in West Los Angeles, get a spotlight here. They along with EDDIE BRANT'S SATURDAY MATINEE (in North Hollywood and profiled recently on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES), LASER BLAZER (on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles - near the Westside Pavilion and a BEST BUY store at that) and ROCKET VIDEO (at Melrose and La Brea in Hollywood) are the few remaining "mom and pop" video stores that somehow have survived the juggernaut that is Netflix.

I'm very interested in VIDIOT's idea of an in-store "film school" mentioned in this episode.

The Link to the episode:
Digital Future, Video Past - The Business on KCRW