Mar 7, 2013

The Best Movie Podcasts

The great thing about the Internet is the wealth of Film information and the community of Film lovers out there providing an ongoing discussion of everything Entertainment, Motion Pictures, Blu-ray Discs, etc.

In particular, there are some fabulous Podcasts that are must-listens for anyone obsessed with Movies.  Listening to these Podcasts has become an integral part of my week and help feed my obsession with all things movie related - given that all these people are just as obsessed as I am (who knows, maybe even more!)

Here are my favorites which include links to where you can find them.


The Hosts: Ricardo Ultreras, Jenny Coyle, Adam Scott and Kevin Zuberbier as well as periodic guest contributors
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @thefilmpodcast

Who doesn't love a good movie list!  The Film Podcast is a regular gathering of 4 movie lovers that with each episode introduce a topic and then list their top 5 movies that fall within that topic, as well as some honorable mentions.  The group is organized by Ricardo Ultreras and has a very relaxed tone of friends hanging out and talking about their favorite films.  First they banter a bit about movies they have seen since the last show or events they have attended (the San Diego Comic-con International in particular).  This show would be perfect on a public radio or NPR station - which I mean as a compliment since I am a regular donor to NPR.

Don't let the casual nature of the show fool you though, these people know their stuff.  While some times there are overlapping titles, each member of the group has a wide range of varying tastes that allow for a great film discussion.  Periodically, they do have guests - friend to this blog Rupert Pupkin of Rupert Pupkin Speaks is a regular one (you'll see his name a lot on this list as he's kind of everywhere).

I often come away from this Podcast with a new list of films to watch and I guarantee you will too.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Big Willy and The Samurai as well as periodic guest contributors.
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @ggtmc

Their tag line "bringing class to trash since 1977" says it all.  This Podcast discusses those down and dirty movies that were prominent during the VHS days, but are thankfully even more accessible thanks to movie streaming sites such as Amazon Instant View and Netflix.  These guys go to town on these movies too, dissecting them to a level you never thought possible.  There are often amusing interruptions by their children which gives this rough edge that works.  Like the Film Podcast above, the hosts know their stuff with one of them located in the Southern United States, and the other located in Canada.

Charles Bronson - and in particular the Death Wish movies - is the patron saint of this Podcast.  In fact one of the best episodes is a 3 hour marathon about the first 3 movies in the series featuring guests including (you guessed it) Rupert Pupkin.

Their movie taste and knowledge is amazing, and they cover every genre imaginable.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukis, June Diane Raphael as well as weekly guest contributors.
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @paulscheer

Truly one of the funniest Podcasts in existence as weekly the panel rips apart "bad" movies.  The great thing about this is, the panel has fun with it with a spirit that is never intentionally mean.  They've even had some of the directors of the films on the show.  Most of the time, you come away wanting to see the movie - but I try to watch the titles before listening to the show as it adds to the experience.

The live shows in particular are inspired with the crowd and panelists feeding off each other.  The episode that introduced me to this and won me over immediately was the Super Mario Bros. one which if you've ever seen the movie, it is truly bad so lends itself perfectly to this show.  Other great episodes include Nothing But Trouble, Batman & Robin, Superman III and Anaconda.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Matt Singer and Allison Willmore
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @filmspottingsvu

This bi-weekly Podcasts features hosts Matt Singer and Allison Willmore (both associated with Indiewire) discussing and reviewing movies that from streaming sites such as Amazon Instant Streaming and Netflix.  They offer up choices that the listeners can then vote on for future episodes.

The show has a professional polish to it yet still has the feel of movie fans talking about movies that makes it accessible to anyone.  Another show that always lengthens my movies-to-be-watched list.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Kim Masters with contributions from John Horn of the Los Angeles Times
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @kimmasters

This Podcast of a radio show on Santa Monica Public Radio Station KCRW is the best way to stay current with the movie industry.  Hosted by Kim Masters (who is also an editor at The Hollywood Reporter) it starts with a "Hollywood Banter" featuring John Horn of the Los Angeles Times and then has 1 or 2 feature stories about the people, the shows, the films and the issues facing Hollywood and the Entertainment industry as a whole.

You can also listen to the "banter" portion separately which is available as the "Hollywood Minute" Podcast.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Marc Vibbert and Matt Quest
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @animatedpodcast

A weekly discussion of all things in the world of Animated film and Television.  They cover everything from the big Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks feature films, to animated TV series and shorts.

Rupert Pupkin has also been a guest on this show.

If it's animated, these guys talk about it.

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: Dave White and Alonso Duralde
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @linoleumcast

With jobs as film critics outside of this Podcast, Dave and Alonso see everything as it comes out and each week they discuss all the new movies in theaters.  It's a very funny Podcast with some great in depth discussions about the films and the state of movie-making in general.  You can tell these two love their jobs.

One particular episode I recommend is the one that features their discussion of the Adam Sandler comedy That's My Boy.  You wouldn't think anyone would have much to say about a title that is pretty much reviled, but these two have a way of getting to the heart of why these movies get made, what they mean and who sees them.

They also invite listeners to write in and submit their "Top 10 Film Lists" where the hosts will sit in judgment and declare whether or not the list is worthy of the title "100% Knife".

Also available through the iTunes store.


The Hosts: George Feltenstein, Dan Ferranti and Matt Patterson
Where to Find It:
Twitter Handle: @warnerarchive

Sure this is a Podcast from a Home Video company that wants you to buy their product, but these guys go beyond that.  The Warner Archive knows their customer, and instead of just pumping out titles that they can make a fast buck on, they release titles that movie fans have been clamoring for - and they do it in style.

Each week the panel discusses the new releases of the week, going into the history of each title and other fun facts.  The best part is that they watch every title and George truly loves cinema and you can tell just by his excitement about each title.

As well as the weekly new release discussions, they will often post vintage radio programs re-enacting the films usually featuring the stars themselves.

It's a film lover's paradise - even if my wallet (happily) takes a hit every time I listen to it.